Career ‘DISCONNECT’ warning – new report out today!

According to a report released today by  Education & Employers  there is a clear disconnect between young people’s career aspirations and jobs in the UK, whether current vacancies or projected demand. This report is based on an international survey of over 8,500 people aged 14-18. There were over 7,000 responses from young people in the UK and the report focuses on their responses.


The report highlights that many young people feedback that they received  only limited careers support from their schools and colleges, and those students that do benefit from careers activities and multiple career influences in secondary education have aspirations that are – in aggregate – better connected to the labour market. It also highlights that effective careers support reduces the disconnection between aspirations and jobs.

Extending better careers guidance, and better practice in schools could change the lives of 100,000 school leavers per year. 

Dev Clever have been on a quest to support careers guidance programmes in Schools, and are embarking on a roll out of our FREE to subscribe careers exploration platform  to all schools across the UK.

We understand the friction points that our young people face, we embrace the emerging technologies, we target the Skills Gap,  and we position ourselves as pioneers in careers guidance. Dev Clever are responsible for the design, delivery and dispatch of the worlds first Virtual Reality Careers Experience with VICTAR, our Virtual, Interactive, Careers Training and Apprenticeship Robot, available to schools on a subscription basis. VICTAR is our virtually enhanced version of and works with the same principles but through the medium of Virtual Reality! 

We partnered with the World Skills UK LIVE and was used on all the National Careers Service stands at the show over three days to direct young people to the right career. 

We understand that extending better careers guidance, and support in Schools would reduce this ‘disconnect’. The use of emerging technologies like VR, enhances the young persons experience. Through our Virtual Reality Careers Experience VICTAR, we are able to target hard to reach students that are disengaged from the process, but is also useful in reaffirming students on they career journey. 

The Education Sector MUST start adopting new ways of connecting with their students, employers should be open to playing their part, welcoming the talent of tomorrow through their doors and creating a desire for these young people to aspire to the roles they present. 

Improved career support in secondary school has the potential to drive considerable benefits to the economy via reduced skills shortages and better alignment, along with the many other benefits of enhanced provision.

The findings of the report, suggest that a focus on more effort is required to tackle this aspiration-reality disconnect, building on the recent progress made in careers education and the greater emphasis placed on careers by the Government and the ambitions of its Careers Strategy.

The latest “State of the Nation” report from the Careers and Enterprise Company shows that careers education is improving in England. But, as this report shows, MORE needs to be done to ensure that all young people get access to high quality, independent impartial careers advice and guidance so they can understand the opportunities available to them, regardless of their background.

Dev Clever fully support this focus, and if you are a School interested in using and embedding into your careers programme then please don’t hesitate to contact us


You can read more on the report from the BBC