The Big Career Conversation with Young People in England

Dev Clever are delighted to present a research report, commissioned by the Business Intelligence and Advisory Group of Dev Clever Holdings PLC.

The report is one of the most comprehensive discussions with young people and was distributed to over 3600 pupils this summer. The survey spanned across Year Groups 7, 9 and 11 and focusing on career aspirations and how pupils had received career guidance and advice throughout their time in education and is the largest report of its kind.

The report is supported with interviews with employers and headteachers, and provides an extensive summary of the current position, regarding careers support offered in Schools and what employers want from young people.

The report findings are stark, with most pupils still struggling to understand how to get comprehensive careers information, advice and support and believing they do not get enough careers advice and support in Schools.

With many welcome developments from The Education Bill, Careers Hubs and through organisations such as The Careers and Enterprise Company, this research still highlights that much more needs to be done to support our young people.

Young people need career guidance support more than ever. The social and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt for many years to come and Dev Clever, continue to play their part in helping young people prepare for the world of work.

Read ‘The Big Career Conversation’ Report here.

Dev Clever acquires The Inspirational Learning Group, Quote from Chris Jeffries

Dev Clever To Launch The National Careers Challenge across the UK

In a bid to bridge the global skills gap and enable the youth of today to develop the career skills employers are asking for, Dev Clever, pioneers of VR careers platform, announce their acquisition of UK education business The Inspirational Learning Group (TILG).

The expansion comes at a crucial time. As the world attempts to recover from the pandemic, young people need a chance to connect directly to potential future employers. TILG will not only enrich Dev Clever’s skills offering but complement its existing development platforms and partnerships.

Founded in 2016, TILG helps young people make decisions about their future by providing meaningful engagement with employers and programmes that build soft skills for the workplace. This includes The National Enterprise Challenge (TNEC), which is endorsed by ambassadors such as Theo Paphitis.

As the EdTech market grows, demand for a versatile careers platform ensures Dev Clever are primed to attract millions of users: schools, learners, employers. Combined with its notable partnerships with Lenovo, NISA, and Aldebaron, marketing at scale to a wider, global audience is a surefire deal.

Focus: Closing the Global Skills Gap

 The skills gap is becoming a global crisis. It’s estimated 69% of employers have difficulty filling vacancies due to candidates lacking hard and soft skills for these roles. According to the World Economic Forum, closing the global skills gap could add US$11.5 trillion to global GDP by 2028.

Regarding young people, they need more opportunities to take part in real-life business activities to acquire these skills. Problem is that access to work experience is vanishing. A Prospects survey highlights this by revealing how only 17% of learners gained experience in the last 12 months.

To aggravate the issue, it’s predicted, in the UK alone, there will be a shortfall of 2.5 million skilled workers by 2030. What can be done? Career platforms must evolve with the shifting labour market, such as changes in technology, the workplace, or, recently, the landscape due to the pandemic.

With the widespread capabilities of TILG, and the recent procurement of Veative Labs, Dev Clever is evolving to meet these changes and help young people to attain the skills employers need, alongside their education, to bridge the growing global skills gap and aid economic recovery.

Creation of the Careers Challenge

Acquiring TILG will bring education and industry together. The company’s skills days have a 91% approval rating, and its flagship TNEC – a real-life business challenge – has facilitated over 300,000 students to develop key employability skills, such as teamwork, communication, and leadership.

From these foundations, Dev Clever will launch its National Careers Challenge (NCC), which aims to make careers discovery rewarding for Year 6 – Year 11 learners. It’s a potent move in the EdTech sector to merge TNEC with virtual work experiences and live assessments to bridge the skills gap.  

The NCC will be a keystone of Dev Clever’s careers ecosystem – a network for employers, schools and learners. It’ll enable employers globally to market their business, demystify their sector, and connect to learners via virtual encounters. It’s a prime opportunity to address the skills pipeline.

The learner experience can be enhanced with social peer support, personality testing, and engagement tools, such as VR, to gamify their careers journey and ignite their passion in relatable ways. This unique style makes it easier to expand a learner’s skillset and connect them to suitable employers.

Learners can record their interactions, encounters, and any skills they’ve acquired on their online passports. It’s a safe space they can share with teachers and feedback can be sent to employers. It’ll also work nicely with NCC to so learners can swiftly present to employer their job-ready skills.

Creating work and skill-based opportunities worldwide

 The NCC will be available to all young students in the UK by the end of Q4 2021. Once launched, learners will gain instant access to an extensive employer hub filled with valuable experiences, tours, webinars, and insightful video content to build skills and make decisions for their future.

Likewise, organisations will be able to deliver personalised talent assessment and virtual work experience programmes. Moreover, young people will be encouraged to engage in NCC for the chance to secure traineeships, apprenticeships, and scholarships with sponsoring businesses. 

In the New Year, Dev Clever plans to release its NCC programme globally. Staring in India via its alliance with the National Independent School Alliance (NISA). The move could see 1.5 million schools and up to 280 million students taking part in the first Indian National Skills Challenge.

Working together with the newly acquired team at TILG, Dev Clever anticipates widespread rollout of its career challenge in the next three years. Swiftly integrating TILG’s operations and expertise can ensure emerging market territories gain access to an innovative careers and education content.

In addition, the experience Dev Clever has attained from creating hundreds of digital experiences for global brands and educators via its platform Engage can now, through the NCC competition, be used to produce engaging virtual work programmes for brands and employers onboarding globally.   

Chris Jeffries, CEO Dev Clever, said:

“Adding the Career Challenge initiative with Dev Clever’s leading careers platform will further enhance our ecosystem. Our ability to connect employers with relevant pre-selected talent will be significant and should result in much reduced friction for students identifying, finding, and securing their first job. This is a substantial development, and we are very much looking forward to swiftly integrating TILG’s operations and bringing the Career Challenge in the first instance to the UK and India and thereafter to other large emerging market territories.”

Michael and Ben Dyer, co-founders, The Inspirational Learning Group, added:

 “We are delighted to be joining Dev Clever which will supercharge the collective offering to young people and will be a great step towards bridging the skills gap. The work we have done at TILG over the past 5 years has seen us go from an innovative idea to the largest schools’ enterprise challenge in the UK. The work that Dev Clever is doing is revolutionary and bringing our expertise together in this marketplace will allow us to offer schools and employers all over the world an excellent offering in careers guidance and educational content.”

Dev Clever Maximises the Career and Learning Landscape Through Acquisition of Veative Labs

Dev Clever is delighted to announce a key breakthrough towards transforming the career and learning landscape for schools and learners worldwide. The experts in careers innovation have signed a Head of Terms agreement with Veative Labs, a leader in VR STEM learning experiences, for future consolidation. The proposal will see Dev Clever acquire Veative Labs and its assets to greatly enhance the introduction of a transformational programme of career-focused learning, to be offered to the global schools market.

Combining Solid Frameworks in Careers and Learning

This acquisition will capitalise on bringing two robust frameworks together: Dev Clever’s Launch Your Career, a platform built on personalised careers discovery, and Veative Labs’ STEM learning modules. This powerful combination will enable school leaders and career advisors across the world the mobility to enrich, support and shape the success of their learners as they prepare to enter the world of work.

The purpose of this is to help learners find careers that they are best suited to and begin on a learning path to that goal. However, to get there, they will need to know what that entails. Therefore, each student will be empowered to understand their personality type. They will learn more about who they are. They will connect with their strengths, growth potential, and delve into learning motivators to see why certain careers and how certain learning may be a good fit. These learners will also come to understand more about LMI data, study pathways and the learning elements necessary to help them achieve their goals.

All of these components can be recorded and used to a learner’s advantage. For example, they might share learning achievements with institutions of higher learning and prospective employers, tilting the scale in their favour by demonstrably displaying their journey towards that career of choice. Moreover, in today’s challenging employment environment, it helps to give learners insight and an edge over their competition.

Taking Career Experiences to Another Level

The acquisition of Veative Labs will lead to profound advancements in the virtual and online career guidance space. Co-founded by Ankur Aggarwal in 2016, Veative Labs has been delivering AR/VR experiences in 25 countries and comes with the world’s largest library of curriculum-aligned, interactive STEM modules for education. In addition to this, they offer virtual tours, industrial training, and an English Language Learning series. Merging those enrichments with Launch Your Career will help Dev Clever create a global ecosystem for education.

Through this acquisition, Ankur Aggarwal will join Dev Clever’s board of directors, alongside its founder Chris Jeffries, to optimise the delivery of careers guidance worldwide. Aside from the innovative VR content Veative Labs brings to the table, their data-driven analytics platform is complemented by 3rd party content from creative partners in the immersive learning sector. Once aligned with Dev Clever’s advanced psychometric testing, Launch Your Career will become the go-to career platform for educators, globally.

Having maintained a successful partnership with Chris Jeffries and Dev Clever, Ankur Aggarwal has supported the development of Launch Your Career’s STEM-based experiences. This will help students discover their learning motivators in relation to their career aspirations and interests. Knowing what motivates them helps students make the right choices. Likewise, Veative Labs’ virtual tours are already proving to be a huge hit with both students and educators. With this technology, colleges are taking their open days to a whole new level.

When the merger is signed, Dev Clever will begin to incorporate Veative Labs’ interactive content into its careers platform to create an accessible experience for schools, learners, and prospective employers.

Rocketing Engagement Around the World

Led by Chris Jeffries, Launch Your Career has been raising the standards for careers guidance, bringing remarkable career discoveries to learners. In the UK alone, feedback from participating schools has shown an impressive level of engagement. One school witnessed a 147% increase in learners feeling more confident, informed, and engaged in careers, guidance, and knowing what their next steps will be. In return, more students were making better choices for the future, making it easier for schools and advisors to support them.

Moreover, feedback on the Launch Your Career platform has been overwhelmingly positive, with 94% of learners saying the platform was helpful in finding the right career for them. Likewise, 89% of young people felt more career savvy and ready to take their next steps after undertaking the LaunchYourCareer VR experience. This led to increased numbers of learners reaching out to colleges and having more meaningful encounters with employers.

With the terms of the Veative Labs agreement coming to a close, the new joint venture will aim to enhance this careers experience to ensure more learners are ready for the world of work. This will empower educators with the right tools and resources to better prepare their learners.  

Emerging as a Global EdTech Leader 

Dev Clever has recently entered a partnership with NISA, India’s largest governing body for budget private educational institutions, in December 2020. The initiative saw Dev Clever’s Launch Your Career (LYC) platform delivering quality career guidance in line with dedicated benchmarks. 

In a statement, Chris Jeffries, Dev Clever CEO, commented “This is a significant milestone and material opportunity to support the career development of millions of young people in India. We are delighted to be working directly in partnership with NISA, the benchmark authority and voice of the expeditiously expanding budget private education sector in India, and Veative, the market-leading provider of online and immersive curriculum-aligned learning content. Together, we are able to deliver this solution at such a scale that it has a real possibility to change the way young people learn and become prepared for the world of work in their future.

The Indian EdTech sector is predicted to grow from $2.8B in 2020 to $10B by 2025 and this partnership enables the company to enter an exciting geography at scale with a strong proposition, a direct route to market and the opportunity to secure a sizable part of this rapidly growing sector.”

In addition to this, Veative Labs CEO, Ankur Aggarwal, stated “We are both excited and humbled to be working with Dev Clever, a market leader in career development, and NISA, a massively influential body working hard to affect real, lasting change in the lives of Indian youths. Our contribution to this endeavour is to add a unique immersive learning element to enable a true understanding of what some career choices entail, plus some real learning in that area of interest.”

The combination of Dev Clever’s acquisition of Veative Labs, and their strategic partnership with NISA, puts the business on a clear roadmap towards becoming a global EdTech leader.

Dev Clever Announce a 5-Year Partnership with Veative and NISA to Roll Out its Platform, Launch Your Career, and its B2C Subscription Model Across India.

Tamworth, Staffs: Today, Dev Clever, experts in digital innovation and immersive careers guidance, announce a 5-Year Partnership with Veative and the National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) to implement its careers discovery platform, Launch Your Career, across 70,000 schools in India.

The platform, which has seen career engagement rates soar in young learners across two continents, will deliver high-quality guidance in line with dedicated benchmarks to ensure standards are raised. Focusing on verified testing, profiling, and custom data, Dev Clever will replicate the success it has had in the UK and USA to raise the bar across all NISA affiliated schools that onboard to the platform.

Also, as part of the new agreement, the trio will further bridge the careers gap in India by integrating a world-first direct-to-consumer subscription service. The service will offer advanced functionality and invaluable careers development content at the click of a button, on the fly, and synced to every device. Accessible anywhere, anytime, anyhow; nurturing India’s youngest minds in their own homes.

Moreover, the service aligns with Launch Your Career and is the perfect opportunity for parents and schools alike to maximise the potential of India’s student base. Giving them the tools to discover a career outside the norm, link to employers and institutions, and use resources to make informed decisions. In essence, Dev Clever’s objective is to become the CEIAG platform-of-choice across India.

Launch Your Career: The platform-of-choice in India

Pleased to conclude Phase One of its entry into the Indian marketplace, the partnership has already prepared and is ready to kickstart Phase Two in January 2021. Phase One was all about evaluation. Phase Two will see NISA recommend as the platform-of-choice to its 70,000 schools, which are attended by c.13 million students. It presents opportunity for widespread impact on learners and celebrates a significant milestone in the changing of India’s current careers offering.  

In recent years, the demand for better careers standards and advisers in India is unprecedented. In 2019, it was reported that 93% of schools across India lacked trained career specialists. Up to 53% of school leavers are ill-advised to find a job. Market saturation has left many youths out of work. The repercussions of this are dangerous for schools, learners, as well as India’s economy.

The new partnership will tackle India’s crisis’s head on in schools and the home. Once schools have onboarded and are familiar with the platform, there will be opportunity to upgrade its subscription license to gain best practice tools, Veative modules, and virtual learning content. The upgrades are engineered to enhance not only student potential but advisory efficiency; effectively, it’ll ensure schools can better align and guide learners from all potential avenues.

A New B2C Subscription Model for Careers Guidance: Giving Learners What They Want

The EdTech space worldwide has been significantly growing year-on-year. In light of Covid-19, India has witnessed an even larger boom. Its EdTech market is estimated to grow by up to 4x by 2025, reaching approx. $10bn, and it’s becoming a space to engage young paid subscribers.

In fact, India has become a nation of digital subscribers and Dev Clever are ready to transform the existing landscape with its landmark B2C subscription model to enhance careers guidance. The service, set to hit the Indian market from [April 2021], delivers outstanding functionality and access to careers content at home. It will also enable parents to supplement and monitor their child’s progress from any device. It’s a sleek and modern approach to careers guidance.

The expansive service will provide skills, guidance, and experience from all angles to maximize a learner’s potential and prepare them for college and career readiness. Students will benefit from virtual work experiences, careers networking, as well as college and course recommendations. Moreover, students can also undertake valuable modules to build aspects of their character and learning, incl. modules in interactive language learning, self-development and wellbeing, and curriculum-aligned educational units, all designed and brought to life by the award-winning Veative.

Success is in student statistics: Transforming lives

Dev Clever have rocketed careers engagement in learners within the UK. It recently collected feedback from schools it works with and is proud to highlight an impressive 147% growth in student participants feeling more engaged and informed after using the Launch Your Career platform.

By readjusting their focus and empowering students to make real life choices, educators could motivate learners in or outside the classroom. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 94% of learners saying the platform was helpful to finding the right career. 89% of learners felt more informed about careers. While 96% of students said they loved the Launch Your Career platform.

Chris Jeffries, CEO Dev Clever, said:

“This is a significant milestone and material opportunity to support the career development of millions of young people in India. We are delighted to be working directly in partnership with NISA, the benchmark authority and voice of the expeditiously expanding budget private education sector in India, and Veative, the market-leading provider of online and immersive curriculum-aligned learning content. Together, we are able to deliver this solution at such a scale that it has a real possibility to change the way young people learn and become prepared for the world of work in their future.

 “The Indian EdTech sector is predicted to grow from *$2.8bn in 2020 to $10bn by 2025 and this partnership enables the company to enter an exciting geography at scale with a strong proposition, a direct route to market and the opportunity to secure a sizable part of this rapidly growing sector.”

 Kulbhushan Sharma, President at NISA, commented:

“NISA is committed to bringing about the best learning and growth opportunities for all students within our purview, and this commitment does not end at the gates of a school. Working with Dev Clever and Veative to drive career readiness and open up further long-term opportunities brings an added dimension to all that we do. We are delighted to explore new career aspirations with our students through the Launch Your Career platform, and then excite those minds with the cutting-edge learning technology developed by Veative. Much more than a simple solution, this new way of connecting students with learning will bring a significantly positive impact to budget private schools in India.

 Ankur Aggarwal, CEO at Veative Labs, added:

“We are both excited and humbled to be working with Dev Clever, a market leader in career development, and NISA, a massively influential body working hard to affect real, lasting change in the lives of Indian youths. Our contribution to this endeavor is to add a unique immersive learning element to enable a true understanding of what some career choices entail, plus some real learning in that area of interest.

In these trying times, the ability for educators to pivot with the changing needs of both in-person and remote learners is paramount. Such a disruptive environment creates both challenges and opportunities for EdTech companies to rise to the occasion. Delivering online education at scale at significantly lower costs, coupled with increased internet and smartphone penetration and a large untapped consumer base, makes this a truly wonderful time to be involved in education in India.”




Launch Your Career – Live Case Study – AET – Greenwood Academy


AET Trustee Greenwood Academy adapts to the harsh Covid-19 landscape with Launch Your Career and sees a 151% rise in student engagement in careers in just two weeks

In a recent report by the Gatsby Foundation, which surveyed 369 leaders in education, it was reassuring to find that 72% of schools and colleges believed that careers guidance was of the utmost importance.

In the wake of COVID-19, it seems educators are wising up to the waning standards of careers advice in the UK. However, despondent learners are feeling the brunt of the viral fallout, from botched exams to little prep for life after secondary education. Ofsted is asking what educators are doing to remedy the issue.

The solution is simple; provide learners with better guidance and opportunity. Launch Your Career is tackling this widespread concern by working with schools nationwide, using our immersive career-discovery experience to empower learners to support their self-discovery. Setting pathways. Providing valuable LMI data. And preparing them for the future.

We recently launched a live study with Greenwood Academy in Birmingham, part of the AET. What follows are the results of the first few weeks.

Live AET Study – Greenwood Academy: 104 Learners Onboarded (And Rising)

One trust that has been riding the digital wave is AET, whose mission is to enable pupils to lead remarkable lives. Devoted to that mission, Launch Your Career have been working with the…Read more at

Results day with a difference…. Why career discovery and exploration should begin early!

Today’s the day that students all over the country will be picking up their A-Level/AS level and other results from schools and colleges, only this year we’re seeing a very different picture for our young people. 

Due to the current pandemic, all examinations were cancelled earlier this year to ensure the safety of schools, colleges and the wider community. The situation has resulted a confusing and stressful time for many thousands of students. 

For A and AS levels, Ofqual, the independent exams watchdog, developed a method for calculating grades which considers how well students were expected to do if exams had gone ahead. The latest news suggests that these grades submitted by teachers, have now been standardised – to ensure that grades are fair and consistent across the country, and in comparison to previous years. 

Standardisation draws on multiple evidence sources, including the previous performance of the year’s students and the historic performance at individual schools and colleges, to determine whether the grades submitted by schools and colleges are more severe or generous than expected.

Students receiving their results today will be one step closer to achieving their future career goals and it’s the same for next week’s GCSE recipients but how prepared are they to take the next steps on their career pathway, into the world of work? 

For students entering high school in September their career could seem a long way off, and with the skills and attainment gap widening, our students could be preparing for careers that don’t yet exist. 

At we have taken the leap into advancing career guidance and revolutionising its delivery for young people, reaching them with relatable technology – in virtual reality!
Our VR experience takes young people on a journey of discovery, using gamification and our Virtual Interactive Career Training & Apprenticeship Robot – known as VICTAR – to guide them through the experience. 
It increases student engagement, gets them excited about discovering where they could be in the future, and provides them with the opportunity to take control of their learning pathways and route of study for the future. Having a clear path, and an end goal can motivate students to make better choices, work harder and really care about their next steps, fundamentally bringing the reality of a future career, into their world today. 
This unique platform benefits all students equally as career discovery is for all ages and all abilities. It can really open up more reserved, disengaged or confused students helping to develop skills they may need to be successful amongst their peers and is available for schools to purchase now in preparation for September. 

Students across the UK can also register for our online version at for FREE, and will be able to access the Personality Quiz, LMI DATA, Career Video content and link directly to colleges and courses across the UK all from their personalised student dashboard NOW.  

If you are a school interested in VR and career discovery and exploration, book your live demo with us at

At we wish all students good luck on their results today, and despite these unprecedented times, would like to encourage them all to be proud of their achievements and look forward to their next steps, whatever they may be. 



Further Resources: 

UCAS received A-level results directly, with the option to add a ‘clearing choice’ from 3pm to allow time to investigate all the options. 

UCAS supports the ‘new normal’ for schools with Lenovo.

With a staggering 90 percent of the world’s learners being impacted by school closures and in response to disrupted school calendars, educators are implementing distance learning programs and hybrid learning scenarios – a combination of distance and in-classroom learning.

Schools and districts require education-ready devices, more secure platforms, as well as compelling and effective digital content to engage students under changing learning conditions. are proud to feature content to support immersive learning, and the a focus on career development and discovery, with virtual reality (VR) solutions.

NEVER has there been a time whereby career guidance and empowerment for the future has been more relevant with over 1 billion learners losing out over the pandemic. is passionate about reaching those confused, neglected and disengaged young people to support their journey back to curriculum learning and offer them a clear focus and path in which to do so.

We are beyond pleased for our experience to feature on the VR Classroom 2 with Lenovo, and feel that paired with the content from Veative Labs we can really make a difference to our young learners. Firstly, setting the stage for their future, immersing them in self discovery and aligning their personality with a career. Once established a clear route to their world of work, educators can match the career to content aligned to curriculum from Veative, extending the focus on career guidance INTO the classroom. 

Career guidance could be revolutionised with the VR offering, targeting disengaged students and providing a meaningful and personalised connection to their future despite it seeming so far in the distance. 

Read the press release from Lenovo here

Innovative Virtual Open Week offers West Midlands students the opportunity to make the right choice for their future amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Schools across the West Midlands are being encouraged to sign up for a free Virtual Open Week, designed to help young people explore and fulfil their career aspirations, despite being in lockdown.


The pilot scheme, aimed at those in years 10 and 11, will connect students with local colleges across the West Midlands, supporting the next steps towards their future careers by enabling them to attend a number of ‘open days’ – hosted free at – combining live sessions with local college staff, overviews of courses, links to websites and other sources of information as well as careers’ advice and guidance.


The Virtual Open Week, which will take place from 22nd-26th June, has been organised by Dev Clever and the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), supported by the Titan Partnership and the Career Development Institute (CDI), who are all passionate about reaching out and helping students plan for their future, despite the current restrictions still in place in the UK.


Chris Jeffries, CEO of Dev Clever, said: “We all know the coronavirus crisis has caused disruption for school children across the country, not least for those preparing to take the next steps and we have a passion at to make sure this is considered and students feel supported in making the right choices for them.”


To take part, schools will need to register at and encourage students to create their own personal profile. Schools that register before the 8th June will also be entered into a prize draw, with a chance to win a Lenovo Mirage Solo virtual reality system worth over £300.


Once registered, students create a profile that identifies the careers and subject areas that interest them the most based on their personality and more. They will then be matched to the sessions that best fit with their choices and invited to attend. Participation in the open week is also free for colleges. The platform presents an opportunity for them to promote their courses and communicate with students in the area, providing an innovative route to market themselves during these unprecedented times.


Chris added: “We know students should be starting their exploration process and looking into the options available to them by attending various college open days – something that obviously can’t happen at the moment. We’re also aware of colleges trying to present their own virtual open days, which spurred us on to pull something innovative and

exciting together, that sees our partners, schools, colleges and students working together to provide a well executed, considered open event.


“Working together we hope to create real momentum and a focus; providing both pupils and colleges the chance to connect with each other on a large scale, despite the restrictions.”


The Virtual Open Week has been designed to enhance, an intuitive platform that takes young people on a journey of career discovery and is free for schools and students to use for a limited time only. Students are encouraged to explore their career and future learning options, while schools have visibility to track their progress via a ‘careers advisor dashboard’. The platform was created to support the delivery of career guidance in schools across the UK, and assist schools working towards the Gatsby Benchmarks and OFSTED requirements.


Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, said: “Our young people are our future. Their contribution will be vital as we rebuild our region’s economy in the longer term after the Covid-19 crisis, so it’s critical that we support young people through this period and beyond. The Virtual Open Week is a great initiative during this difficult time to help young people from across the West Midlands to find out more about the careers that interest them most. We are proud to be supporting the Week, and I would urge all students to make the most of this opportunity to explore what’s on offer from our local colleges.”


Carolyn Chapman-Lees, CEO of Titan Partnership, said: “Titan Partnership is absolutely delighted to be supporting this Dev Clever project as it very clearly addresses the much-needed help that young people need as they explore their future careers and the skills they will need. This dedicated week will help young people explore their career options whilst also raising awareness and aspirations. Ultimately it will assist them in realising their future potential. In these challenging times, this project will not only support our young people to make important decisions, it will help our schools and colleges to work together virtually, creating real benefits, efficiencies and tangible impacts for everyone involved, most importantly for our young people.”


To register for the Open Week, visit


If you are a local college that would like to participate please contact




Launchyourcareer with National Careers Week!

This week is National Careers Week with a focus on ’empowering positive change through careers education’ and the celebration of Careers Guidance and FREE resources across the UK. 

Last year Dev Clever were proud to launch the Worlds FIRST virtual reality careers guidance experience VICTAR VR alongside our online recruitment and careers guidance platform We believe that engaging young people right at the beginning of their career exploration and immersing them into their personal journey will help them on their pathway to the career that suits their personality, strengths and interests. is used by students and careers advisors to effectively provide a platform that benefits the student on a personal career exploration journey, qualifying their personality type and the way that they think and feel, and connecting that with a career that would suit them as well as providing a central ‘dashboard’ for the Careers Advisor to follow the students journey, provide feedback and tasks, visualise their intended destination and pull reports to evidence the student pathway against their Gatsby records. The information is all collated & accessed from one central location making it intuitive and user friendly. 

The platform has been designed to take into account the government mandate to provide ‘quality’ career guidance and to align with the Gatsby Principles and we are aware that this is a focus for Schools across the UK.

As our investment to National Careers Week we are offering – the online careers guidance platform as Free to subscribe for a limited time only, we are investing in bridging the skills gap, providing personal and quality careers advice, with a focus on careers and not just courses or places of study. 

If you are a careers advisor that is interested in finding our more, and registering for please click here

New Pilot Announcement: & VICTAR VR


Dev Clever,  leading developer of mobile and immersive experiences, is pleased to announce that its virtual reality careers guidance experience platforms, “VICTAR VR” and, has been commissioned by Nottinghamshire Police for a pilot programme (the ‘Pilot’) to determine their impact on facilitating a reduction in re-offending youths.


Nottinghamshire Police is one of the leading police forces in the UK and is committed to reducing the re-offending statistics in its area. As part of this commitment Nottinghamshire Police runs programmes and initiatives to support young or first-time offenders (FTE), who are at a higher risk of re-offending of committing a major crime in the future.


In conjunction with Nottinghamshire Police, and supported by the partnership between Lenovo and Dev Clever, the Company has identified the need to find a solution which will initiate a high-level engagement with the target audience to enhance the existing crime reduction programmes.


The proposed Pilot combines both of Dev Clever’s Educate platforms, VICTAR VR and, to support FTEs with immersive virtual reality.  This will connect them with relevant employers, higher educators and apprenticeship providers to help them into further education, employment or training, in order to achieve their career ambitions and goals, reducing their risk of re-offending.


These types of VR programmes aim to deliver a higher level of engagement and provide the opportunity to increase a young offender’s confidence in their personal journey, an essential tool in motivating and inspiring FTE’s to make a positive change in their behaviour, environment or future aspirations.


The aim of this Pilot is to produce a positive case study that could accelerate the adoption of VICTAR VR and into every police force, prison, correctional facility, probation office and job centre in the UK; as well as open up opportunities globally for the reduction of repeat criminal offenders.


This is in line with Dev Clever’s strategy to focus its attention on its Educate segment, both in the educational sector as well as in other vertical markets where career guidance and subsequent recruitment is applicable.


Chris Jeffries, CEO Dev Clever, said:


“Being selected for this Pilot by Nottinghamshire Police clearly emphasises the excitement surrounding our disruptive career’s development and recruitment platform & VICTAR VR. The Pilot identifies the opportunity for the positive impact that these platforms could have on a young person’s life, as they try shape the future they want for themselves.


Working with such a proactive team at Nottinghamshire Police who are committed to reducing crime across the district is a genuine honour. It is also a huge compliment that this Force and the officers involved in the Pilot have faith in the potential for our product to make a genuinely positive social impact and is testament to the innovative product that our talented team have developed. This Pilot recognises the potential of our technology to globally change the way career guidance and recruitment is delivered to young people, supported by Lenovo, across the world.” 


Inspector Paul Harris, Integrated Offender Management (IOM) lead, Nottinghamshire Police said:


“We are delighted to invest in this pioneering partnership between IOM, the Violence Reduction Unit and Dev Clever – any tool which assists in creating a dialogue around positive life choices is very welcome.  Young people especially are very open to new technology – so using VR as a ‘vehicle’ with which to provide career guidance seems a natural step.  The VICTAR VR platform is extremely engaging yet allows the user to properly map a route map to employment.  One of the key strands of IOM is to ‘resettle and rehabilitate’ entrenched offenders, or people at risk of being drawn into a criminal lifestyle – we are confident that this pilot will prove very significant in achieving this outcome.”


Richard Lee, Global Verticals Education, Lenovo Said:


“Lenovo, as the leading global supplier of devices to the Education market, is delighted to partner with Dev Clever and support Nottinghamshire Police in the delivery of a solution addressing the challenge of improving career outcomes for vulnerable young people. The immersive nature of VR Technology encourages engagement at a level so much higher than traditional methods of interacting with young people, and the VICTAR VR solution gives young people a mechanism to work towards career goals through a highly intuitive and impactful interface. With the success of the pilot in Nottinghamshire, the chance to deploy to other constabularies and organisations working to improve the outcomes of young offenders is tremendously exciting.”


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