Launchpad goes live

We are excited to announce that after 3.5 years of development our new careers guidance platform Launchpad successfully went live on Monday, 18th February 2019. Launchpad ( is a pioneering online platform that brings refreshing innovation to careers education.

Dev Clever has worked in collaboration with students, schools, educational institutions, training providers and employers to produce this step change product that addresses the critical national issue of bridging the UK Skills Gaps, which the government estimates will cost the UK Tax Payer £90bn per year by 2024.

Visit from more information.

Vanguard at Quasar Harlow

Our exciting multiplayer virtual reality game Vanguard is arriving at Quasar in Harlow this week! It gives players the opportunity to fight it out with up to 8 of their friends in the gladiatorial space arena.

This is a ‘lite’ version of the full Vanguard game, allowing fast paced and action-packed battles for a set amount of time for each play session, providing players with the perfect amount of gladiatorial fun.

Quasar Harlow has a themed, custom-built room for Vanguard, fully immersing each ‘Recruit’ into the universe as they play. Before entering the fight, players are shown an introductory video explaining all the controls and game mechanics, ensuring that anyone of any skill level is able to enjoy their game and compete to win their freedom!

Find Quasar Harlow online and on their Facebook to find out more information on visiting entering the Vanguard arena for yourself!

VICTAR & Launchpad on the road

After the great success of VICTAR, our VR careers engine, at the World Skills Show last year, we’ve now begun taking it on tour, showing it off to schools and colleges all around the country. Combined with the Launchpad platform, they are providing a huge shake up of how students will find their dream careers and fully realise their potential. VICTAR and Launchpad will be going live this year so be on the lookout, exciting things are ahead for this helpful little robot!

Dev Clever are now publicly listed – Dev Clever Holdings plc

We’re delighted to announce that Dev Clever is now publicly listed. This is an exciting step forward for the company and a testament to the commitment and innovation shown by our talented team. We’re very much looking forward to a big and exciting future. Click here to visit our Investors website.

EGX 2018 Vanguard: Fight for Rudiarius

We unveiled our cross-platform, multiplayer, virtual reality game ‘Vanguard’ at EGX in September 2018. Vanguard: Fight for Rudiarius is an alternate future where the Roman Empire never fell, enslaved Gladiators go to battle in vast space arenas, entertaining their captors whilst fighting for freedom.

EGX is the UK’s biggest games event, where attendees have the opportunity to get hands on with pre-release console and PC games, enjoy panel talks and sessions, receive invaluable advice on working in the games industry and much more. Vanguard was a huge success at EGX, with many attendees impressed by its cross-platform, multiplayer functionality, a truly unique and inclusive feature.

To make Vanguard the best it can be, we adopted an open community approach, where we encouraged gamers to help shape the game by signing up and joining the team.  Over the course of EGX, the Vanguard community grew rapidly, with our first 100 subscribers receiving exclusive Vanguard merchandise.

Vanguard received an overwhelming positive response online too, with many gamers giving the game a five-star review on their social platforms, creating a real buzz. We’re excited for the future of Vanguard, stay tuned!

Solihull College Marketing Team wins a Gold FE First Award for their use of VR Careers tool developed by Dev Clever

The team scooped the ‘Gold’ Award in the hotly contested Event Management category – which focused on the promotion and execution of the College’s ‘Try it’ Open Event. The event featured the College’s new ‘Fast Forward’ Careers Explorer which offers prospective students the chance to find their dream career and the course that could get them there. A virtual reality introduction to the careers explorer, developed with digital innovation company Dev Clever, was a big hit with guests. The event attracted record numbers of visitors across both college campuses.

World Skills Show UK 2018

We attended the World Skills Show in November 2018, where we introduced a very special guest. The World Skills Show is a partnership between businesses, education and Governments that accelerate young people’s careers, giving them the best start in work and life. As digital solutionists it was the perfect platform to showcase ‘VICTAR’ – our revolutionary ‘virtual interactive careers training & apprenticeship robot’.

Over the three days, 57,733 school students attended the event and many of them immersed themselves into Virtual Reality to find the right career path for them, with the help of VICTAR. We teamed up with Solihull College & University Centre and Stratford-upon-Avon College to showcase our new careers exploring platform.

The three day event was extremely successful for VICTAR, with many students giving positive feedback on how the VICTAR platform has helped them make a more informed decision about their next step towards their future career.

Experience to mark the centenary of the First World War

The World War I VR is a stunning virtual reality experience for young people to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War.

Wearing a VR headset, the user becomes a “virtual soldier”, transported into the horror of the trenches while bullets fly, bombs drop, and biplanes soar overhead. The user is given a 360-degree view of a First World War barracks and trench before the “virtual soldier” goes “over the top” into no-man’s-land.

The experience can be viewed through standard VR equipment but also on a laptop and mobile device and from early November, it will be available on the App Store and Google Play.

We visited the City of Wolverhampton College to give their Public Services students a World War I experience through virtual reality. The students were immersed into a virtual world where they became soldiers and experienced first-hand what it was like in the trenches and on the front line, a century ago. Click here to see the BBC’s coverage on the World War I VR experience.