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We modernise how educators connect with students and assist them with finding them the right course, career and outcome in life.



We have developed revolutionary digital marketing platforms specifically for the further education sector. By working in collaboration with colleges and students, we have created solutions that dramatically enhance the communications experience for potential students and optimise the efficiency of educator’s marketing teams. The Dev Clever team continues to deliver proven results, and our unique solutions are the future of further education marketing.

Innovative Solutions

  • CleverFLIP
  • Clever Form
  • Clever Careers
  • CleverHub
  • Virtual Reality
  • Gamification
  • CleverFLIP

    What is a CleverFLIP?
    The CleverFLIP is a digital Prospectus that has been developed over 7 years in collaboration with colleges and students. It is specifically designed to:

    • Meet the demands of your technology-savvy potential students.
    • Communicate relevant information about your college efficiently.
    • Demonstrate your unique college experience to a young person.
    • Centralise marketing information for your courses and reduce time.
    • Provide total control over your open day registrations.
    • Be fully optimised for any device type.
    • Be accessible from anywhere: SMS, Facebook, Snapchat, Websites, Email, QR Codes.
    • Provide comprehensive user tracking and analytics on usage
    • Be proactive, giving marketing the “live” information they need to really influence their enrolments.

    The CleverFLIP is the first “Fully Live Interactive Prospectus” and is the future of marketing and enrolments.

  • Clever Form

    The Clever Form is a fully integrated event management system that takes away the operational headache of open days. It’s purpose is to:

    • Innovate open days.
    • Track student attendance at open days.
    • Provide accurate, informative event attendance statistics.
    • Gather personal and biometric information through self-service check-in pods.
    • Records event data quickly and simply.
    • Provide a cost effective means of organising and managing open days.
    • Provides the relevant and manageable information that proves invaluable for marketing departments..

    The Clever Form offers a simple yet comprehensive platform to collect, organise and centralise vital event attendance information. This helps colleges and universities develop more focused, effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Clever Careers

    The FastForward engine is a unique digital careers advice tool offering potential students targeted careers suggestions most aligned to their ambitions and interests. With an interactive interface and engaging content, the young person is shown accurate labour-market statistics relating to courses and careers, enabling them to make informed decisions. It can:

    • Help HEI’s and FEI’s attract students to their courses whose interests align with the subject.
    • Create greater student engagement and successful course completion.
    • Attract students to courses they are most suited to, making it more likely for them to find a career related to their interests and chosen subject.
    • Provide education establishments with the necessary data to ensure that they are offering in demand courses.
    • Be fully optimised for any device type.
    • Utilise LMI employment statistics via API integrations to national statistics databases.

  • CleverHub

    A centralised course and content management system that presents course information including deliverables in real-time. Take a look at some of the platforms key benefits:

    • An easy-to-use system that can export to both college marketing channels and third party affiliate sites.
    • Helps centralise and manage marketing from one place.
    • It can be integrated into third party websites including UCAS by API’s.
    • Easily incorporates HESA data and HE course specifications.
    • Allows marketing to not just be accountable for course information, but also empowered to manage its content and context.
    • Takes accurate course file data from MIS.

    This is a unique product within the marketplace, no other platform offers what CleverHub does.

  • Virtual Reality

    We are introducing virtual reality into our education products. We stay at the forefront of education, ensuring that our education customers can connect with their potential students in new and exciting ways. We have developed a concept VR version of our careers engine, which helps students navigate future career options through an exciting, immersive experience.

  • Gamification

    We have established ourselves as a gamification market leader with household brands, and are now bringing these services into our education offering. These products will incentivise and reward students to respond to marketing, increasing interactions and driving greater results for our customers.

Case Studies

Virtual Reality

As part of our strategy to be a leading innovator in education, we produced a VR demo, showcasing how we could use Virtual reality to enhance our Fast Forward solution. Our team of experts, produced a guided tour through a career choice demonstrating to students, the possibilities they have before them. We believe it is important to find new ways to engage with potential students and we showcased this at the World Skills Show at the NEC in Nov 2017.

Clever Form

This year Wolverhampton College adopted our CleverForm solution as the enhanced analytics were seen as a key feature and benefit. Using the CleverForm the College get a clear view of who attended the event, the areas/courses of interest, student data. The uniqueness of the data is that it is in-year and real-time so a college gets a clear view of the location of their potential new students for re-marketing purposes.
The CleverForm in the future will be linked to the CleverFLIP where students can register for the event and receive mini flips for the courses they have registered for.

Clever Careers

We have delivered our first career product to Solihull College. Fast Forward is an integrated solution that provides unparalleled insight into career choices. Students are provided with greater information to inform their choices and can navigate through the tool to find new career options. Students see, salary potential, employment data by region and videos of students taking courses to help inform their choice. Once decided, this integrated solution enables them to then apply directly to a course provided by the college. Fast Forward is designed to find the right career for students and ensure for the colleges that more students are taking the right course.

Clever Hub

The CleverHub centralizes all of the course and MIS delivery information at Solihull College and University Centre to present courses in real-time across their website, CleverFLIP and Fast Forward. This means that at the touch of a button all of the courses they are promoting are accurate and live, including costs, locations, days and times. The CleverHub also allows for course leaflets to be individually tailored to the demographic eg University Level Learner, Adult Learner. CleverHub allows the Marketing team to regain control of the course leaflets.

Clever Flip

The University of Sheffield’s Engineering Department approached us wanting a unique way to engage both pre and post application students, the FLIP was the perfect solution. Aimed at promoting the extensive range of careers on offer the pre application FLIP showcases the courses and the success of the students, whilst the post application FLIP primarily showcases the University and its location to entice students to enrol at the University as their number one choice.

Clever Clients

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