EGX 2018 Vanguard: Fight for Rudiarius

We unveiled our cross-platform, multiplayer, virtual reality game ‘Vanguard’ at EGX in September 2018. Vanguard: Fight for Rudiarius is an alternate future where the Roman Empire never fell, enslaved Gladiators go to battle in vast space arenas, entertaining their captors whilst fighting for freedom.

EGX is the UK’s biggest games event, where attendees have the opportunity to get hands on with pre-release console and PC games, enjoy panel talks and sessions, receive invaluable advice on working in the games industry and much more. Vanguard was a huge success at EGX, with many attendees impressed by its cross-platform, multiplayer functionality, a truly unique and inclusive feature.

To make Vanguard the best it can be, we adopted an open community approach, where we encouraged gamers to help shape the game by signing up and joining the team.  Over the course of EGX, the Vanguard community grew rapidly, with our first 100 subscribers receiving exclusive Vanguard merchandise.

Vanguard received an overwhelming positive response online too, with many gamers giving the game a five-star review on their social platforms, creating a real buzz. We’re excited for the future of Vanguard, stay tuned!