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By developing a proprietary gamification engine and Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), we provide global brands and major retail customers with end-user consumer experiences. These experiences range from fully managed instant win and skill based promotional solutions, to incentivised loyalty programmes and augmented reality experiences. The proprietary engine allows us to provide rich customer experiences that are light-weight and easy to integrate in to existing websites, mobile applications and social media platforms.

How our solutions deliver engagement

Connecting people through digital innovation.
  • Instant Win Games
  • Skill Based Games
  • Augmented Reality Filters
  • Win & Reward Loyalty
  • Self Activating POS Kit
  • Bespoke Experience Development
  • Instant Win Games

    Our instant win games are tailor made for high impact consumer engagement. We have developed an extensive range of digital ‘Spin to Win’ and ‘Scratch Card’ games that offer unparalleled customer experience, at the same time as fully controlling the allocation of prize incentives throughout your campaign.

    Games can be personalised to be in line with your brand or promotional design guidelines and integrate easily and seamlessly with your social and digital campaigns, as well as providing easy consumer access via scan and Snapchat codes printed on your POS marketing assets.

  • Skill Based Games

    Our interactive skill based games are ideal for creating a genuine buzz around your promotion and can add considerable longevity to your campaign. These games enable you to include and control larger prizes to drive engagement as well as allocate smaller rewards such as vouchers and coupons based on the consumers performance in the game.

    We offer a wide variety of fun and immersive skills based challenges that are suitable for kids and adults of all age ranges and abilities, with full customisation over design, game playability and difficulty level. Our gamification engines can add an extra dimension to your campaign with a multitude of exciting options to choose from including 360˚ VR environments, 3D multi-level platforms and arcade mini-games that will test skills such as reaction, memory, knowledge and much, much more!

  • Augmented Reality Filters

    Enrich your digital campaign and bring it to life on social media with an interactive augmented reality filter. We design and develop a host of bespoke Snapchat World Lenses and Facebook Face Masks that add an unexpectedly quirky twist to your gamification experience, giving consumers an element of personalisation and engagement that will both reward and delight your customers.

    Integration with social media can be pivotal to the overall success of your digital campaign. Encouraging or incentivising customers to share their personalised AR filter with their own social media audience can pay dividends when it comes to increasing your exposure online, and the levels of active participation with your promotion.

  • Win & Reward Loyalty

    Consumer loyalty rewards have never been more popular and with Dev Clever’s web based ‘Win & Reward’ platform you are able to take consumer loyalty to the next level. You are able to drive rate of sale even further by allowing consumers to earn loyalty stamps on their digital stamp card and incentivising every purchase with a chance to win an instant prize.

    Dev Clever’s ‘Win & Reward’ platform enables easy deployment of campaign based loyalty programmes which can be tailored by season, theme or specific campaign. They can be run as a stand alone incentive or integrated in to your main loyalty application, allowing you to target key and niche demographics.

    Our gamification engine adds an extra dimension to your loyalty campaign by rewarding every purchase with a chance to win an instant prize or discount voucher. Vouchers are stored in the user’s digital wallet and digital communications drive redemptions and ultimately repeat purchase.

  • Self Activating POS Kit

    We developed the ‘Self Activating POS Kit’ in conjunction with a number of household brands and resellers throughout the UK. A truly unique and innovative digital platform that incentivises store managers and their teams to engage with your campaigns POS Kits via interactive gamification.

    The system enables you to track and monitor the distribution of individual POS kits and measure the success rate of activations by venue. Using a compatible smartphone, the kits are activated by scanning a QR code and entering the unique number located on the POS packaging label.

    Store Managers are invited to watch a short instructional video and guided through a 360° interactive store environment, before accessing an instant win game to receive a prize (see Instant Win Games). They are then presented with an additional opportunity to win, by taking and uploading a photograph of their POS display to enter into an end of promotion prize draw.

  • Bespoke Experience Development

    Dev Clever develop next generation customer activations, that engage with customers and enhance their experience, whilst incentivising purchases and rewarding repeat visits. Immerse consumers into your brand campaign with a bespoke solution, designed by our expert team.

    • Augmented reality
    • Virtual reality
    • Themed / seasonal games
    • Reward games (and much, much more!)

Case Studies

Swinton Race to Assen

We created this interactive game to give consumers a fun and challenging experience, as well as the ultimate Superbike prize! Players get the choice out of two Superbike champions they’d like to race as. The aim of the game is for players to make it to the finish line without losing all 3 of their lives. If they succeed, they have the chance to win a VIP all expenses paid trip to Assen for the BSB race weekend!

Thirsty Fun Days

This exciting consumer engagement campaign was created for Robinson’s in association with Harvester & Toby Carvery. Based on a ‘scratch card’ type game, consumers play for their chance to win awesome prizes, including free Robinson’s drinks, meal discount vouchers and VIP Wimbledon experiences!

Vintage Inns Win in the Woods

Vintage Inns wanted to engage with their customers and reward them. We created Win in the Woods, a fun and interactive game that gives players the chance to win a free Fruit Shoot drink. Players scan around the virtual reality forest and take snaps of as many vintage forest animals as they can. If the player snaps 20 pictures of animals within the 60 second time limit, they win a free Fruit Shoot!

J20/ Toby Carvery Egg Hunt

This reaction testing game was developed for Toby Carvery in association with J2O, for the busy Easter period. Egg Hunt boasts a 3D and virtual reality restaurant environment with hidden Easter Eggs. Using their smart device, players scan around their environment and collect as many hidden Easter Eggs as they can in the allocated time, to win a prize!

J2O/Stonehouse Treasure Hunt

We developed this multi-level, 360˚, virtual reality Treasure Hunt game for Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery in association with J2O. The objective of the game is for players to search the island looking for treasure and secret locations. If the player finds all the treasure they win an instant prize!

Brewers Fayre Big Summer Giveaway

In Summer 2018, our dedicated experience and design team created an instant win game to support Brewers Fayre’s Summer long campaign. The objective was to produce an impactful activation that would act as an incentive for new and repeat visits throughout the Summer period. Prizes ranged from free meals, to holidays, to a £50,000 grand prize!


We created this exciting customer engagement campaign that allowed customers to play an interactive mobile game for their chance to win a VIP Wimbledon experience for 3, as well as free Robinsons refill drinks which could be redeemed in Brewers Fayre venues. Players were challenged to make it to the finish line while avoiding the tennis themed obstacles and collecting glasses of Robinsons as they ran to Wimbledon.

Hollywood Bowl Treasure Hunt

We worked with Hollywood Bowl to create a treasure hunt style game as a way to engage with their customers at Hollywood Bowl venues, and to reward them with prizes and exclusive Snapchat filters. Hidden around Hollywood Bowl venues were letters printed on markers. Players had to hunt around the venue to find the letters and unjumble them to unlock special features and win prizes!

Drench Self Activation

We developed this ‘Self Activating POS Kit’ for Drench, to incentivise store managers and their teams to engage with Drench’s campaign POS via interactive gamification. Using a compatible smartphone, store staff were able to activate their kit by scanning the QR code and entering their unique code located on the POS packaging label. Managers and staff were invited to watch a short instructional video and guided through a 360 interactive store environment, before accessing an instant win game to receive a prize.

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