Fusing Innovation & creativity

Producing all assets, Architecture and Documentation needed to get your project off the ground

At Dev Clever, we are often asked to help our customers by developing a unique solution, tailored specifically to their needs. We are happy to have discovery workshops to understand the business challenges and needs, and the creative solutions we propose always exceed our customers expectations.

The resources we have available to bring your concept to life:

• Dedicated Digital Architects
• Dedicated Project Management
• Creative & Project Design Team
• Multi Language Development Team
• Dedicated Mobile Development Team
• Dedicated UI Testing Team
• Specialist Social Media Team
• Internal Content Production Studios

What are our Services?

Creating digitally innovative products that are completely bespoke for your business
  • Bespoke Design Solutions
  • Bespoke Development Solutions
  • Bespoke

    Design Solutions

    Working with a broad portfolio of new businesses and international chains, our design team continually develops ideas for digital and print projects. We follow the existing brand guidelines of major retailers, stores and hospitality chains to refresh and modernise visual identities, as well as give emerging companies an impactful brand identity. We have the experience to make any design vision possible, and enjoy researching a client’s demographic to create relevant, interesting branding. With a design team that boasts various specialisms, we are proud to offer limitless design potential, and expertise includes website design, branding, print solutions, original concept artwork and designs for new platforms.

  • Bespoke

    Development Solutions

    With a wide range of frameworks and resources, our team has the capacity and experience to develop any digital solution. From practical content management systems to complex large scale platforms, we utilise exciting software to create unique solutions that fulfil our clients exacting requirements. With a portfolio of unique apps and innovative platforms, we offer flexible, tailored solutions to develop, deliver and manage ambitious projects. Creativity remains central to our work, and our team fuses the latest technology with interesting ideas to develop memorable, award-winning digital solutions.


ReTime is a desktop and app based time management tool for our client ReThink Productivity. ReTime helps their employees capture time by role, task or area. Employees can sync new tasks or elements across analysts and take photos at the point of capture. ReTime can cleverly automate analysis and export to Excel, offering instant insight and enabling the user to benchmark data against industry-specific data.


Audoo is a revolutionary song recognition system. Our client wanted a fairer and easier system where producers and artists receive more accurate royalties. Audoo works by placing a small detection device that listens to music and identifies which song is playing and how many times it’s being played. All of the recorded information is then synced back to the server and the user is able to view the data on their dashboard.


We were asked by Pinfinity to develop a platform that helps people manage their digital legacy. Using the solution we developed, Pinfinity enables customers to achieve 3 goals:
1) Plan ahead for what will happen to your online accounts when you’ve gone 2) Save your most precious memories and share them with only the most important people in your life and those who helped you make them 3) Build your Digital memory Box - the story of your life as you want to be remembered.


A leading independent pharmacy asked us to create a new locum solution. We developed an intuitive software application that connects Pharmacies directly to Locums. The platform uses smart algorithms to best match the right Locum to the right placement and as a result provides added value to the Locum and cost saving to the Pharmacies by means of:
• Proximity
• Availability
• Ratings
• Capability
• Consistency
• Efficiency


Silver Sun Living asked Dev Clever to create a brand and a website showcasing their new development which provides a new benchmark for the care industry. Along with first rate medical care, the Silver Sun Living retirement village offers a socially fulfilled and active lifestyle.

Brand Design

We were asked by a productivity measurement company to create a new brand. Our creative and design team came up with Quorbit as brand concept is based on the definition of a term used in physics: Quorbit, until an object is measured you can only assume its trajectory.

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