Fusing innovation &


Fusing innovation & creativity

Dev Clever design and create immersive multiplayer experiences, using Augmented and Virtual Reality technology. Our core proprietary framework enables our dedicated experience team to develop rich and immersive games that can be designed and deployed in a fraction of the usual time. Our experiences can be developed for a stand-alone event or application, as well as being integrated in to a long-term engagement strategy.

What are our services?

  • Instore Experiences
  • Direct Consumer Market
  • Instore


    Dev Clever produce multiplayer immersive experiences for instore and pop-up events. As a result of our proprietary core immersive framework, we are able to offer rich Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences for our clients, as part of a customer or shopper activation. You’ll see Dev Clever rolling out these interactive experiences across the UK in 2019.

  • Direct

    Consumer Market

    In December this year we release our first direct to consumer immersive game Vanguard. This is the first cross platform, multi-player game where players can compete live on any device including Mobile, PC and VR. Driven by in App purchases, this innovative competitive game will position Dev Clever at the heart of the gaming community.

Case Studies

Vanguard: Immersive Multi-Play

This year, Dev Clever will be previewing our new cross platform multiplayer game ‘Vanguard - Fight for Rudiarius’. Players can compete in real time, across galactic gladiatorial arenas, to battle it out for a chance to win their freedom. Vanguard will be available to play on PC, Mobile (IOS & Android) and in VR (Oculus, Oculus Go, Google DayDream and Samsung Gear VR), from January 2019 and is set to make a huge impact to the competitive cross platform gaming sector. We will be looking to add Xbox and PlayStation versions in late 2019.

Clever Toon

The Clever Toon app allows children to complete a colouring-in sheet using whichever colours they like. Once coloured in, they can then bring their characters to life in 3D, in the colours they chose, using any smart device. The characters will then preform a unique and personalised cartoon story which can be relevant to your brand, the season or both. This is a truly unique consumer engagement experience that will immerse your customers within your brand; promoting fun, interactive, family times.

Escape the Casino

This year in partnership with VAP Games, Dev Clever launched the first play at home ‘escape room’ immersive board game. Escape the Casino is a collaborative game where players team up and work against the clock to figure out clues and find their way through the casino, to deactivate the bomb. Escape the Casino is a great example of how immersive experiences can be enjoyed in the home, with family and friends.

Easter Squad

Our dedicated experience team have created an exciting new mobile VR framework that supports networked multiplay. This enables rapid development of immersive multiplayer experiences and allows us rollout full VR to any location. The first experience we are launching is called Easter Squad and allows up to 4 people to be immersed together and work in collaboration to defeat the easter bunnies evil brother Bonzo and save easter for everyone. Look out for the Squad in restaurants, shopping centres, theme parks and attractions across the UK and Dubai the Easter.


We were asked by Pinfinity to develop a platform that helps people manage their digital legacy. Using the solution we developed, Pinfinity enables customers to achieve 3 goals:
1) Plan ahead for what will happen to your online accounts when you’ve gone 2) Save your most precious memories and share them with only the most important people in your life and those who helped you make them 3) Build your Digital memory Box - the story of your life as you want to be remembered.


A leading independent pharmacy asked us to create a new locum solution. We developed an intuitive software application that connects Pharmacies directly to Locums. The platform uses smart algorithms to best match the right Locum to the right placement and as a result provides added value to the Locum and cost saving to the Pharmacies by means of:
• Proximity
• Availability
• Ratings
• Capability
• Consistency
• Efficiency


Silver Sun Living asked Dev Clever to create a brand and a website showcasing their new development which provides a new benchmark for the care industry. Along with first rate medical care, the Silver Sun Living retirement village offers a socially fulfilled and active lifestyle.

Brand Design

We were asked by a productivity measurement company to create a new brand. Our creative and design team came up with Quorbit as brand concept is based on the definition of a term used in physics: Quorbit, until an object is measured you can only assume its trajectory.

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