Launch Your Career – Live Case Study – AET – Greenwood Academy


AET Trustee Greenwood Academy adapts to the harsh Covid-19 landscape with Launch Your Career and sees a 151% rise in student engagement in careers in just two weeks

In a recent report by the Gatsby Foundation, which surveyed 369 leaders in education, it was reassuring to find that 72% of schools and colleges believed that careers guidance was of the utmost importance.

In the wake of COVID-19, it seems educators are wising up to the waning standards of careers advice in the UK. However, despondent learners are feeling the brunt of the viral fallout, from botched exams to little prep for life after secondary education. Ofsted is asking what educators are doing to remedy the issue.

The solution is simple; provide learners with better guidance and opportunity. Launch Your Career is tackling this widespread concern by working with schools nationwide, using our immersive career-discovery experience to empower learners to support their self-discovery. Setting pathways. Providing valuable LMI data. And preparing them for the future.

We recently launched a live study with Greenwood Academy in Birmingham, part of the AET. What follows are the results of the first few weeks.

Live AET Study – Greenwood Academy: 104 Learners Onboarded (And Rising)

One trust that has been riding the digital wave is AET, whose mission is to enable pupils to lead remarkable lives. Devoted to that mission, Launch Your Career have been working with the…Read more at