Launchpad goes to the USA

Dev Clever’s Launchpad for Employers platform is a mobile optimised, internal learning and development, training and communications platform for employees and team members. The platform is designed to train and develop the skills of each individual across retail locations, as well as providing a centralised hub for internal communications. The platform incorporates Dev Clever’s Engage gamification engine to incentivise users, through the use instant win rewards, to complete their training modules and advance their business knowledge and skillsets.

The contract is in partnership with a rapidly expanding retailer in the USA, operating in locations across multiple states of America. Dev Clever’s Launchpad for employers meets the demand of a rapidly increasing workforce and provides a valuable solution to remote online employee training and development. The platform incorporates the Engage gamification engine to incentivise employee engagement across the business.

This contract represents Dev Clever’s first deployment of its learning and gamification solutions in the USA and demonstrates how gamification can be used to incentivise users across multiple territories, whilst being managed centrally via its cloud-based infrastructure. 

This solution is provided on a SaaS basis, including setup and customisation fees, monthly hosting fees and a monthly cost per user.


Chris Jeffries CEO Dev Clever said:

This is an exciting contract for Dev Clever which not only shows our vision of how our two core channels Educate and Engage support each other in providing a single solution to retail customers, it also demonstrates our global potential and reach as we introduce Launchpad and Engage to the USA. Over the last 4 months we have seen tremendous interest from employers and manufacturers since the launch of our Educate products and this contract signifies the start of the Launchpad Employer platform, which is being introduced across both the UK and in the USA.