New Pilot Announcement: & VICTAR VR


Dev Clever,  leading developer of mobile and immersive experiences, is pleased to announce that its virtual reality careers guidance experience platforms, “VICTAR VR” and, has been commissioned by Nottinghamshire Police for a pilot programme (the ‘Pilot’) to determine their impact on facilitating a reduction in re-offending youths.


Nottinghamshire Police is one of the leading police forces in the UK and is committed to reducing the re-offending statistics in its area. As part of this commitment Nottinghamshire Police runs programmes and initiatives to support young or first-time offenders (FTE), who are at a higher risk of re-offending of committing a major crime in the future.


In conjunction with Nottinghamshire Police, and supported by the partnership between Lenovo and Dev Clever, the Company has identified the need to find a solution which will initiate a high-level engagement with the target audience to enhance the existing crime reduction programmes.


The proposed Pilot combines both of Dev Clever’s Educate platforms, VICTAR VR and, to support FTEs with immersive virtual reality.  This will connect them with relevant employers, higher educators and apprenticeship providers to help them into further education, employment or training, in order to achieve their career ambitions and goals, reducing their risk of re-offending.


These types of VR programmes aim to deliver a higher level of engagement and provide the opportunity to increase a young offender’s confidence in their personal journey, an essential tool in motivating and inspiring FTE’s to make a positive change in their behaviour, environment or future aspirations.


The aim of this Pilot is to produce a positive case study that could accelerate the adoption of VICTAR VR and into every police force, prison, correctional facility, probation office and job centre in the UK; as well as open up opportunities globally for the reduction of repeat criminal offenders.


This is in line with Dev Clever’s strategy to focus its attention on its Educate segment, both in the educational sector as well as in other vertical markets where career guidance and subsequent recruitment is applicable.


Chris Jeffries, CEO Dev Clever, said:


“Being selected for this Pilot by Nottinghamshire Police clearly emphasises the excitement surrounding our disruptive career’s development and recruitment platform & VICTAR VR. The Pilot identifies the opportunity for the positive impact that these platforms could have on a young person’s life, as they try shape the future they want for themselves.


Working with such a proactive team at Nottinghamshire Police who are committed to reducing crime across the district is a genuine honour. It is also a huge compliment that this Force and the officers involved in the Pilot have faith in the potential for our product to make a genuinely positive social impact and is testament to the innovative product that our talented team have developed. This Pilot recognises the potential of our technology to globally change the way career guidance and recruitment is delivered to young people, supported by Lenovo, across the world.” 


Inspector Paul Harris, Integrated Offender Management (IOM) lead, Nottinghamshire Police said:


“We are delighted to invest in this pioneering partnership between IOM, the Violence Reduction Unit and Dev Clever – any tool which assists in creating a dialogue around positive life choices is very welcome.  Young people especially are very open to new technology – so using VR as a ‘vehicle’ with which to provide career guidance seems a natural step.  The VICTAR VR platform is extremely engaging yet allows the user to properly map a route map to employment.  One of the key strands of IOM is to ‘resettle and rehabilitate’ entrenched offenders, or people at risk of being drawn into a criminal lifestyle – we are confident that this pilot will prove very significant in achieving this outcome.”


Richard Lee, Global Verticals Education, Lenovo Said:


“Lenovo, as the leading global supplier of devices to the Education market, is delighted to partner with Dev Clever and support Nottinghamshire Police in the delivery of a solution addressing the challenge of improving career outcomes for vulnerable young people. The immersive nature of VR Technology encourages engagement at a level so much higher than traditional methods of interacting with young people, and the VICTAR VR solution gives young people a mechanism to work towards career goals through a highly intuitive and impactful interface. With the success of the pilot in Nottinghamshire, the chance to deploy to other constabularies and organisations working to improve the outcomes of young offenders is tremendously exciting.”


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