Vanguard at Quasar Harlow

Our exciting multiplayer virtual reality game Vanguard is arriving at Quasar in Harlow this week! It gives players the opportunity to fight it out with up to 8 of their friends in the gladiatorial space arena.

This is a ‘lite’ version of the full Vanguard game, allowing fast paced and action-packed battles for a set amount of time for each play session, providing players with the perfect amount of gladiatorial fun.

Quasar Harlow has a themed, custom-built room for Vanguard, fully immersing each ‘Recruit’ into the universe as they play. Before entering the fight, players are shown an introductory video explaining all the controls and game mechanics, ensuring that anyone of any skill level is able to enjoy their game and compete to win their freedom!

Find Quasar Harlow online and on their Facebook to find out more information on visiting entering the Vanguard arena for yourself!