#Victar returns to The WorldSkills UK LIVE 2019

If you are heading to the NEC in Birmingham this week for the WorldSkills UK LIVE then make sure you pop along and catch up with our Virtual, Interactive, Careers Training and Apprenticeship Robot VICTAR, back by popular demand! 

We are excited to be working in collaboration with WorldSkills UK LIVE, the UK’s largest annual apprenticeships, skills development and careers showcase event, attracting over 70,000 young people and education professionals. The show encourages young people to discover what career and course opportunities are available to them and offers first-hand experience across a huge range of skills and invaluable careers advice.

Last year we attended with VICTAR and had some really great feedback from the young people that ‘met’ VICTAR as well as from parents, and Careers leads at the schools that experienced the Virtual Reality careers tour. We have made some additions, improvements and some exciting new features that we can’t wait to share with you at WorldSkills UK LIVE. 

Launchpad and VICTAR

VICTAR is a personal and independent careers guide created to help young people launch their future career by using Virtual Reality to fully immerse and engage users in careers content.

VICTAR really comes to life when users put on the Virtual Reality Headset and step into Launchpad. Working in parallel with Launchpad, VICTAR is designed specifically to follow the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks and to support the delivery of an embedded careers guidance programme within schools across the UK.

Launchpad is our online careers platform. It is accessible as a stand-alone free platform for students embarking on their careers search, or through Virtual Reality for the full immersive journey guided by VICTAR. 

Launchpad will be featured at the WorldSkills UK LIVE and will be used on the day by the National Careers Service to engage with young people about their future career across the 3 days.

 In addition to this, Launchpad is accessible to every secondary school (careers leads/principles/ or careers advisors) to use with their pupils prior to attending the show. The platform can identify what career is best matched to the student via their interaction to quizzes, personal interests and more. After establishing a career that’s right for them, launchpad will offer further guidance to relevant pathways of study, apprenticeships or work.  

For Students

Heading to WorldSkills UK LIVE is daunting in itself, what if you don’t know where to start?

We can help you plan an effective day,  filter the exhibitors to ensure you are recording encounters that will really help you on your careers journey and if you sign up here for Launchpad before the show you will receive a FREE show planner. 

We also have some fantastic opportunities to WIN a Chromebook and access your spirit animal snapchat filters – just head to Hall 7 & 17 and look out for VICTAR. 

Click below to watch our short animation with more information for students on the day! 


For Schools 

Virtual Reality in schools is recognised as a powerful engagement tool. It’s not uncommon to hear that some students can disengage or ‘switch of’ from subjects that they feel isn’t relevant to them at this time, like careers guidance. VICTAR has been designed to re-ignite a desire to learn, empower students to make their own choices, and engage them with content that is relevant to them at that time. 

This personal Virtual Reality journey is personalised to the student wearing the headset. Their journey begins with a quiz about their personality. VICTAR highlights strengths regarding their personality like ‘you are more Extrovert,‘ or ‘you are more feeling‘ and offers the students frames of reference to understand these qualities about themselves like comparing them to celebrities with the same characteristics, and their spirit animal and what that means to them. 

Although VICTAR is used by schools to engage their students on the careers journey to generate excitement around learning, and presenting the student with a personal careers journey, Launchpad can be used in greater depth by the schools. 

The Data Dashboard

For Schools that register onto Launchpad the careers leads will have access to the ‘data dashboard‘. This means that once their students have signed up and registered, you can track their progress and access their information. Students will be signing up at pre-show, at the World Skills UK LIVE and you can sign them up post as part of your careers lessons post-show and continue to use Launchpad in your career’s lessons. 

The Data Dashboard is a fantastic resource for careers teachers, it can pull together information on your pupils collectively OR individually. It is possible to set tasks for the students to further their journey, and there are video’s (encounters) with real people in the careers that the students are interested in as well as LIVE LMI data and other resources. 

Launchpad has been created to adhere to the Gatsby Benchmarks, and is easy to embed into any careers programme. 

For every school leader/careers leader that signs up their school to Launchpad, there is a chance to WIN a Lenovo VR Classroom Solution  – so what are you waiting for Sign up your School HERE

You can also watch our animation here for more information!