World Skills Show UK 2018

We attended the World Skills Show in November 2018, where we introduced a very special guest. The World Skills Show is a partnership between businesses, education and Governments that accelerate young people’s careers, giving them the best start in work and life. As digital solutionists it was the perfect platform to showcase ‘VICTAR’ – our revolutionary ‘virtual interactive careers training & apprenticeship robot’.

Over the three days, 57,733 school students attended the event and many of them immersed themselves into Virtual Reality to find the right career path for them, with the help of VICTAR. We teamed up with Solihull College & University Centre and Stratford-upon-Avon College to showcase our new careers exploring platform.

The three day event was extremely successful for VICTAR, with many students giving positive feedback on how the VICTAR platform has helped them make a more informed decision about their next step towards their future career.